Garmin website outage due to wastedlocker ransomware attack

Garmin website outage due to wastedlocker ransomware attack

Garmin’s services, websites and customer service have all been down since Wednesday night.

Garmin, maker of fitness trackers, smartwatches and GPS-related products, has reportedly suffered a widespread ransomware attack — though the facts around the cause remain unconfirmed for now.

Garmin Connect service is down; Garmin is a free app for tracking, analyzing and sharing health and fitness activities from a Garmin device.

“We are currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin Connect, and as a result, the Garmin Connect website and mobile app are down at this time,” it acknowledged.

The situation has caused widespread speculation that the sheer reach of the outage into Garmin’s infrastructure indicates a ransomware attack; and one outlet said that Garmin employees have confirmed that the WastedLocker ransomware is to blame. That has not been independently confirmed, however.

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